The sin of poverty

5 women have been jailed for undergoing the ‘cut’. They were to either pay the 200,000 kes fine or serve a 5 year term in jail. The type that has 200,000 savings in their bank account don’t yield to traditional rituals. I doubt the women have bank accounts either.

It only required one or two court sessions and the matter was settled.
The women have left their young children under the care of the uncaring society. The children might turn to the streets. The lives of these children have been shattered. Their only sin: the mother underwent the forbidden ‘cut’.
In the same country, it will take 200 years for the corruption cases involving billions of taxpayers’ money to be finalized. And by finalized i mean, the cases will be dropped for lack of evidence. All along the culprits will be free: they could afford to pay the 15 million bail.

It will also take 100 years for the murder case of Sharon and her unborn baby to be dropped. The perpetrators are however serving us in high offices.
The lawmakers make laws that favor their dubious ways while the poor are caught up. That bait is only for the lower class.
This is saddening. I dont intend to bring some negative vibes here but am not always proud to be a kenyan. They are very few times when i am.

Special dedication

I cannot seem to solve this paradox. Why would bringing life be a death snare?

This is piece is a special dedication to a beautiful young soul, Abigael.

I bleed for my younger sister who has lost her neonate and had to go through the knife. I cry for that beautiful soul that has to suffer trauma because of our uncaring systems.

My heart is in pieces. Going through hours of labour, then the knife, losing the baby! Its unbearable!

But girl, you are strong. You are a woman. Women are bold, strong, stoic and resilient.

Fight because there is a battle to be won and victory is yours.

Cry, till you can cry no more. Then dry the tears and face life fearlessly. Life may have served you a double blow, but rise again. We are not of those that succumb to failure.

Above all, don’t lose your trust in God. It may be challenging to trust in Him now, but let not that flicker of hope in Him fade off.

And may the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding be yours now and forever. Amen

Ps: Unofficial.

Happy birthday

2 years ago, a day like today, Twas on a Thursday, i finally got to see you. You had been kicking me so hard for the last 2 months prior. You looked so grey, they didnt clean you well. Grey is the colour of the placenta.
You were so innocent i almost confessed my sins to you. Such an innocence!
The clothes couldn’t fit you though. You were so tiny and so was your nose. Your nose is still tiny.
You weighed 3.9kgs at birth, slightly higher than the normal range that is 3.5. But who set those ranges? Forget it.
I fell in love with you way before i set my eyes on you.
I got few questions for you. Why did you have to wait till the 40th week? I thought you would be out by the 36th week. I know what you will say: you loved the warmth inside the womb. We only live once there. Security and food is granted. Lol!
Anyway, it has been 2 years. You now have teeth, can call me mum, Or sometimes when you get naughty, kui.
Its been a journey,son, though it seems we are just starting.
I love you so much i have to confess am jealous of you having a sibling lest they share in your love. Crazy, i know!
Am wishing you God’s favour and grace. May He always shield you my son from pressures of the world. May you learn to live a satisfactory life, find you fire and chase it. Whatever your hands find to do, give it your best baby.
Pursue your dreams. One last thing, be compassionate for others. Do not only look out for your own needs, do care also for your friends and the less fortunate.
Fear the Lord,baby, and once you identify your area of service, serve zealously. Like your father. You can ask him on that. Main reason being that you are my firstborn. Son, and as such, you belong to the Lord. I dedicated you to the Lord. Am only looking after you for the Lord.

I will always love you my baby. You are my friend and a source of joy. When i count my blessings,i count you several times.
Happy 2nd birthday.

A life well spent

I rarely watch the show on Citizen tv by Jeff Koinange on Wednesdays from 9pm dubbed JKL, but yesterday’s edition was peculiar. It was dedicated to the late Safaricom’s CEO, Bob Collymore. Jeff hosted 4 top CEOs to pay a tribute to this fallen hero, Bob. It turned out that the four men: CEO scan group, CEO KCB group, MD standard chartered bank Lagos and one politician Peter Kenneth were close allies of the late. Jeff included.
Forget the phone chats with Bob people were posting on social media trying to prove associations: these men had the priviledge of being so close to Bob, he even mandated one to make arrangments for his last send off.
I watched with admiration as the men, they call themselves the boys, narrated their moments of friendship with a man we only got to watch on Tv.
And i picked so many lessons from that show that i will be sharing here.

Friends are crucial. True and genuine friends. I kept wondering throughout the show how Bob picked his close friends. How he differentiated the fake ones out there to use the influence he got and the true genuine friends.
The friends narrated that if they met as the boys, no business issues would be discussed. If you wanted to strike a business deal with Bob, you had to met up in his office. He had a life outside the office. What a character!!
He chose his friends wisely. I mean, his friends are great corporate influencers. CEOs of great companies. He understabd well that iron sharpens iron. He opened his heart to the friends. They met oftenly, on tuesdays for a catch up. It was a family of friends knit together with love. And he was the captain.
Some of us, our friends list need serious rethinking; that is if we got any friends to begin with. Am still pondering over this, dear readers.
Humility is a virtue one cultivates especially as you move up moslows hierachy of needs. You can associate freely with dignitaries and still be good with the low in that hierachy. Peter kenneth was narrating how the President of Kenya Mr. Kenyatta once called Bob while they were on a vacation with Peter on an island in Lamu. Bob is the same man who would talk freely with ‘nduthi’ guys. You need some level of grace to do that.
What fascinates me about this man is the way he impacted most of us who never even had a chance of meeting him personally. I considered him my hero, i admired his leadership skills and most importantly his drive towards changing lives and creating an impact.
I have to be honest, i always longed to work for Safaricom. The pay is good, perfect working conditions that steers one to growth and those CSR projects,they blew my mind. Who wouldnt want to be part of an organization that impacts people positively in all aspects of life. Ranging from providing sanitary towels ,building schools, helping young jazz musicians get established to educating girls. Name it.
Truly, Bob lived a life of purpose. He understood his calling and he put his all energies to it. He left an indelible legacy.
Lastly, he lived a full fulfilling life as one of the boys put it. He invested in himself and the family as much as he did to others. He could play the saxophone, his love for jazz music had him establish Safaricom music academy. And he was a captain, he could fly his own chopper. That’s unbelievable. When did he learn all this! Wasn’t all his time spent in the office? A lesson right there.
Finally, death is inevitable. He knew that and he gave life his best. He fought till the end but when life seemed dim, he embraced death so peacefully. I tend to think that God graced this man by letting him know he would die. So he called his friends and bid them farewell and delegated duties. He even gave instructions on how he was to be cremated. That’s something! And he died at peace with his close family members around him. What a good way to leave this earth. Such are the death of men who have accomplished their purpose on earth.
I hope you learn something from the life of Bob collymore.

#trimester loaded

Second trimester
This will be an interesting one. You become more responsive to the life growing

inside of you. Its a mixture of emotions listening the foetus heartbeat during the 4 months scan. It quickly dawns on you that there is a human sleeping peacefully in your tummy. It makes you feel elated, responsible, strong and motherly.
Your bump begins to show at four months. If you are part of the skinny girls club, you might have to wait for 2 more months. The kicks! I don’t have the words to describe them.
You start craving for bites, salted unripe mangos, chilled sausages and some other crazy things we make up.

Third trimester
Forget everything I said earlier, this part is a culmination of it all. The last three months are like an entire 9 months. By now you have added approximately 10 kgs. You look like a pregnant cow. Everything has changed. You become insensitive to people’s opinions. After all, you will be Kiambu county governor’s mother in 2050. So you don’t queue at the bus station. Who even waits at the zebra crossing? Besides, a pregnant lady is always right and y’all wrong.
So you walk with your ego tucked under your arms with your purse. No one dares bruise it. You become fearless. Maybe it is a counter for the fear you have to contend with every night at the thought of the nightmare that waits.
You read books. Every piece of paper that contains information that you deem relevant. Even a breads wrapper is useful at this stage. You scrutinize everything you ingest just to be sure you are taking the right amount of nutrients. The IFAS( iron and folic acid supplement), though you hate them, you take them submissively. You wouldn’t want your son to suffer from spina bifida simply because you missed an IFAS tablet.
You spend 8 hours a day in the internet: Google, reading and seeking advice. You Google: the birthing process, painless delivery, labor experiences and you watch horrifying birthing videos.
You pray. You need spiritual strength now that the physical strength is failing you. You’ve heard of the pregnancy brain? Where a pregnant lady tends to forget almost everything? This is because the brain during this season is filled with lots of worries. What if the baby will be born blind? What if I don’t make it out of the delivery table? Scary dreams flood your few hours’ sleep. You spend the rest of the time visiting the washroom.
You exercise, walk few kilometers daily. You want to be healthy.
You stare at other children and wonder how your son will be. Will he have your small eyes and a forehead? Will he be a chocolate skinned like you or a dark and handsome?
From the internet, some women told you that a boy comes early but you are now at 39 weeks. You are tired from carrying him, from peoples stares and worn out from the anticipation of finally meeting him.
You’ve waited for 40 weeks hoping that all is well with him. You talk to him, but he responds by kicking. You pray with him and his amen is kicking. . And so you want him out. You want to see his small nose and folded hands that signify innocence.

First trimester

I have undertaken various adventures in the course of my few years. I have gone for hiking, rock climbing, sand bathing; I have explored almost every part of Kenya. I have tried farming (actually I didn’t try that but I was thinking of.) These have been thrilling adventures but the most exciting one lasted for 9 months.
In other adventures I have mostly kept a souvenir to show and I did on this one too: my son.
The 9 months journey carrying a life is both intriguing and thrilling. I will break that journey into three phases.
Phase one
This involves a lot of self-doubt, self-denial and fear. Fear of the unknown. You are not sure how to break the news to your friends and family. Am speaking on my own behalf.
Do my married friends go through a fear of breaking the exciting news? Do you plan a surprise to break the news? Does he hug you after receiving the news?
It is even worse when the nausea and morning sickness kicks in without invitation. It slowly creeps in and finds a comfortable and warm place to settle. If you please the gods, it will go away after 3 months but if you are unlucky, they will keep you company right up to the ninth month.
You lose your power of ‘mind your own business’ because you can even smell ‘omena’ from the 15th door and well, you hate it and throw up.
You will form great friendships with oranges, biscuits, and ‘bites’ as you try to wade off the nausea.
The 3 months will seem like three years and at some point you will even start marking days every end of the day just to be sure those days aren’t repetitive.
And then one day, after the 3 months, for the lucky ones, the nausea and morning sickness will pack their belongings and move out to seek the next helpless host. That will mark the beginning of the next phase
Phase two to be continued…….

Kui pp

She is a loving mom, a caring sister, a daughter and a girlfriend.

She is a rare gem that nature gave to us. A kind hearted, easy to get along with and a one with a big heart.

As you all know: just because you are kind and loving doesnt translate to the world reciprocating the same. In that light, she has been badly wounded, broken, hurt and shattered. Her world has crumbled on her several times yet her resilience is something to reckon with.

Her love for books is something you would trade for.

She is strong spirited: she fights for what she believes in.

And she is not super human; she makes mistakes, numerous and gross mistakes but she always rises above every situation.

This one time she almost succumbed to depression. She cried her heart out for 48 hours yet she emerged out of that situation more stronger.

Owing to her upbringing, she has never had any standards for men. And so she guarded her heart zealously and only gave it to one man.

When she loves, she loves tenderly and wholly.

She is pretty yet that is not what defines her. She walks with her head held high and always wears that contagious smile that will leave you smiling back.

Her woman strength is unparalleled.

She is the woman i am.

Beauty in sack cloth!🤣

One man purporting to be a wise man posted in a whatsapp group: the words of a wise elder. I strongly disagreed with some of them. One of them being that: Fake nails, fake hair and fake eye lashes make a woman fake yet she needs a real man.
Who set the standards on what constitutes fake? Is natural waking up in the morning and going on about duties? No shower, no nothing. Don’t argue that those are the basics. Who set the standard so low?
Let us be women. We are beautiful and our beauty is not defined by the make-up we do or do not. Our beauty, character and behavior is not defined by the make-up, dear men.
Am speaking for the lady who does not let beauty alone define her. She does not beautify herself and parade the beauty for men to adore and furnish her life. NO. Am speaking of the fearless lady, the beautiful brains we have in the corporate world, those who are not shy of conquering the world. Those beautiful women who will have all the make-up there is and walk with their head held high. Those whose aura of confidence is something to behold. Yes, the women who raised us to be the fearless ladies we are. And finally, to the girls whose self-esteem is unmoved. Their esteem is not built on so temporary things like your compliments. They dress to kill yet that is not what defines their esteem.
I will go for the manicure and pedicure, put on a wig once in a while, rock natural hair most days, have my make up on almost always, put on a short dress or a long one as my fashion sense dictates and still be myself. I am woman, beautiful with or without make up. So I choose when to have them on.

I will trust in you

“When you don’t move the mountains, am needing you to move

When you dont part the waters, i wish i could walk through

When you dont give an answer, when i cry out to you

I will trust, i will trust, i will trust in you.”

Lyrics to ‘ i will trust in you’ by laureen.

These words aren’t a mere prayer, they aren’t the prayer of some of us who are sleeping peacefully at this hour: 0243 hrs. They are the painful words of an insominiac girl at the verge of giving up.It is a prayer of the faint hearted who are about to surrender on their dreams.

One by one they lay their dreams at the feet of Jesus Christ, their saviour and hope, and confess that they have tried to win the battle by their own. To their ignorance, they had excluded ‘the king of the fights, master of the war’ in that battle. Defenseless, they lost.

It is the realisation that the race does not belong to the swift, the battle to the strong, favour to the learned nor wealth to the brilliant. Only that time and chance happens to them all.

At the brink of giving up, a voice so still reminds them to be still as their maker has it all figured. He that knows the unfoldings of tommorrow, the day after tomorrow and the entire life. We live in the just one moment He has allowed us to, and none of us can claim to know what the next minute brings.

A day brings untold and unforseen occurences to the lives of different people. Today may hold salvation to a lost soul, a new job for someone, that dream car, destruction to some, a new life, death to some, love, a heartbreak; name it. Its unpredictable.

And in such unclear circumstances of our lives, its prudent to trust in him that that is omniscient. For our lives are clearly inscribed in his hand. He has control over the happenings of this life.

Resolve to trust in Him amidst unanswered prayers. For He is not a sadist. He wants the best of us and is in the business of bringing that to a completion. I will trust in Him. I will rest in his grace and wait patiently.

For just as a bird doesnt put its trust in the strength of the branch when it perches, but on the strength of its wings, so will i also not fear the mountains, as i trust in my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

I wonna wish you a blessed time as you make a resolve to trust in your maker: he that knows you better: better than you can comprehend. Besides, he is your moulder, right? Who knows a pot better than its moulder?

Signed: the preacherlady.

Esteem booster

They are beautiful days; and then there are days i feel extremely beautiful. Either because the sun rays that day shine beautifully against my skin or i just decide to feel beautiful.

The way i rock my hair to a greater extent determines this feeling.

Take an instance: today, i just did an afro bob and twisted some part. I loved the look. My day was made and my esteem boosted.

Not like i need an esteem booster: but i wouldn’t mind if it’s from within.

Girls, you wonna try it out!